Thu 29 Oct 2015 11:44:13 AM -02

What intelligence produces
That polymorphic code reduces?
What is signal and what is noise?

Shall I harness the power of SPAM
And get answers by a sudden spike of traffic!

Let's feed the God of Page Rank
Amorphous reproductive meaningless patterns
Automatic life as a service

Lesions copy transfix obsolescent stromal old, night?
Nerve times, strengths, cialis lowest price coat mechanism!
Salicylate promise breathing, echoes 71%.
Stiffness hypertension: megacolon eruptions, probabilities?
But shining her contributes ulcerated.

Does botnets dream of analogical SPAM?

Postmodern discourse of winners disruptions
Webspider psychoanalysis
Spamtrap poetry under construction